The Best Campaigning Shouldn’t Feel Like Campaigning To Your Constituents


Once elected to office, the officials’ first order of business should be to start fundraising immediately and communicating his or her accomplishments to their constituents. This helps the official stay in the good graces of the voters and makes re-election an easier and less expensive process. If you are a conservative candidate our services become even more valuable to you because the chance that broadcast media is going to give you fair coverage is slim, as the broadcast media has an intense liberal bias.

In this article, we are going to address the communicating part of this equation and how employing our community news portals in your digital marketing strategies on a full-time basis helps you to campaign on a 24/7 basis, thus turning your name into a household name.

Our community news portals can scan your candidate facebook page at regular intervals looking for new posts. When a new post is detected, if it meets certain requirements it will then re-post your material as a news article complete with your headline and photographs on the community websites within your voting district.

The “certain requirements” are that in order to be re-posted the post must meet the minimum length of 500 characters. This will keep the posts without real content off of our sites. And your posts cannot be re-posts of articles written by other print media establishments.

Why utilize our services, because facebook has drastically changed how it operates. Three years ago facebook saw its usage drop dramatically to such a degree that it launched a massive study into the terrifying trend. What it discovered was that users were being turned off of its product because of all of the junk reaching their news feeds.

Facebook changed its algorithm and included a news feed modifier that ranked types of posts and advertising based on your interactions. If you read a post about a certain recipe that a friend posted, all of a sudden you saw more posts and advertisements about food.

The reverse was also true with this shift in programming. After you “friended” someone and even “followed them”, if you did not interact with a post they published, the chances of you seeing another post from them dropped dramatically. This is why the value of just using facebook to you as a candidate has declined dramatically unless you are willing to pay to “boost” your posts each and every time.

The issue I always run into with paying facebook for any services is that there are no avenues where you can verify who read your content or when it was accessed. Being able to see these factors is a violation of facebook privacy policies.

When someone accesses their facebook account and your content appears in their news feed, facebook in real-time subtracts the cost of the service from your daily advertising account.  On many occasions, I have monitored the flow of funds out of accounts on an hourly basis.

What I found was astonishing. For many campaigns between the hours of 12:01 am until 8:30 am there was less than 3.5% of the funds withdrawn. From 8:30 am until 10:00 pm or what I would call the prime hours for advertising,  an additional 37.25% of the daily budget was removed. And from 10:01 pm until 11:59 pm the remaining 59.25% was utilized.

Now I am not PhD Statistician but you cannot tell me that over half of an audience where you select the reader’s marketing preferences access the internet between 10 pm and 12 am and over multiple marketing campaigns.

My conclusion is that facebook detects that your daily marketing budget was not utilized, thus leaving money on the table for facebook. It then starts to cram your advertising onto as many feeds as possible within the last part of the day so that it can bill your account. And you have no way to verify who or when your advertising was accessed. You can get this information if you go through a private marketing agency or ad network that offers the services but it will increase your costs dramatically.

Should you stop using facebook as an advertising platform, no, but figure your actual cost per ad view is in reality double what you were quoted because only about half of your ads or boosted posts are reaching real potential viewers.

With our services, you can utilize facebook as a tool to get your materials to our content delivery network and reach hundreds of thousands of real viewers in real-time. In addition, our network pushes viewers to your websites and facebook page and becomes a fulcrum in your local marketing plan.

Our services get all of your content to the readers in your district. With our services you are campaigning every day of the year except it does not feel like campaigning to your constituents. Send us a message using the contact form on the homepage to get started.