The Best Campaigning Shouldn’t Feel Like Campaigning

Congratulations you just got elected to public office, or good luck you just chose to run for public office, either way, if you don’t start a reputation management campaign immediately you are leaving yourself exposed to the internet trolls and tech-savvy antagonists that know how to create and distribute false information

Regardless of which political party you align yourself with, the current media environment is unpredictable, biased, and focused on only one thing, revenue. The biggest challenge faced by corporate broadcast media is the major decrease in advertising revenue over the past several years, and in response to the decrease, a reduction in resources to cover the news.

The focus of the corporate broadcast media is on the negative aspects of our society in an attempt to draw readership and increase revenue. The end result is that most of the positive communications to your constituents simply don’t happen.

The good news is that even though the corporate broadcast media focuses on the negative, the local and hyper-local news outlets tend to focus on the positive aspects of their communities. This is the arena that you have a chance to compete in and win the hearts and minds of constituents.

Employing our community news portals in your digital marketing strategies on a full-time basis gets your positive communications onto the constituent’s screens and helps you to campaign on a 24/7 basis, thus turning your name into a household name.

This type of communication “drips” information to your constituents on a regular basis over a longer period of time rather than “blast” them directly during the campaign season. Our services will result in a healthier and stronger relationship with the people you serve ultimately giving you the ability to fend off the short-term false negative attacks of your opponent. This type of campaigning doesn’t fell like campaigning to your constituents.

Our community news portals scan your candidate Facebook page at regular intervals looking for new posts. When a new post is detected, it will then re-post your material as a news article complete with your headline and photographs on the community websites within your voting district.

Our Social Syndication Services allow you to take total control of your reputation management campaign and play offense as opposed to defense.

With our Social Syndication services, you can utilize Facebook as a tool to get your materials to our content delivery network and reach hundreds of thousands of real viewers in real-time. In addition, our network pushes viewers to your websites and social media outlets and becomes a fulcrum in your reputation management strategy.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get a reputation management campaign started or how we can add to and expand your existing efforts.