Why Our Social Syndication Services Are An Essential Part Your Reputation Management Campaign

Why utilize our services? Because Facebook has drastically changed how it operates. Three years ago Facebook saw its usage drop dramatically to such a degree that it launched a massive study into the terrifying trend. What it discovered was that users were being turned off of its product because of all of the junk reaching their news feeds.

Facebook changed its algorithm and included a news feed modifier that ranked types of posts and advertising based on your interactions. If you read a post about a certain recipe that a friend posted, all of a sudden you saw more posts and advertisements about food.

The reverse was also true with this shift in programming, after you “friended” someone, and even “followed them”, if you did not interact with a post they published, the chances of you seeing another post from them dropped dramatically. This change is what facebook call the algorithm adjuster. This is why the value of just using Facebook to you as a candidate has declined dramatically unless you are willing to pay to “boost” your posts each and every time.

Our Social Syndication Services scan your Facebook page several times per day looking for new content. When it finds a new post it downloads the post and creates an article complete with the photographs from your post and links back to the original source. This service engages your constituents and drives them back to your social media platforms and website, increasing engagement.

With our Social Syndication Services, you can utilize Facebook as a tool to get your materials to our content delivery network and reach hundreds of thousands of real viewers in real-time. In addition, our network pushes viewers to your websites and social media outlets and becomes a fulcrum in your reputation management strategy.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get a reputation management campaign started or how we can add to and expand your existing efforts.

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