Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

An average of 150,000 people per month visits each of our 3 news websites. Show them why they should choose you. Join the community and start telling your story your way. Drive traffic to your storefront, website, or social media outlets.

Ad Sizes

Our websites offer 5 different ad sizes and placement areas to fit your digital advertising budget.

We offer a large 1,100 Pixel X 300 Pixel Header ad, the ad appears on every page published by one of our sites.

We have 3 different side bar ad sizes available: Small Sidebar  – 350 Pixel X 250 Pixel, Large Rectangle – 350 Pixel X 450 Pixel, Skyscraper – 350 Pixel X 650 Pixel, and an End Of Article Banner – 1,100 Pixel X 300 Pixel.


Ads are placed on the homepage or on individual town news pages or a combination of both. Contact us for a custom quote.